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The right mortgage is as important as your house purchase price!

Why dismiss the importance of getting the best mortgage for you?

We naturally negotiate as hard as possible on the price we pay for our houses – and quite understandably too. After all, no on would willingly pay more for something than they need to. But then we stop, believing – quite naively – that we have done all we can to achieve the best financial deal for ourselves. Aquiring ourselves the best deal would however imply that we have put ourselves in the best financial position in which to fund the purchase of you house. Indeed, if this is the case, the negotiations on the purchase price of your property should only be the starting point of the work we do in the process of buying our house.

In fact, often, the £4000 you may be able to negotiate off the asking price of your house has no real significance in comparison that you may save should you search and find a mortgage with even 0.5% less interest than one you would normally accept at face value – remember this mortgage will be with you for the next 25 years. From this perspective, searching the market for the best mortgage, as well as negotiating hard on the asking price, is ideally the process one should follow in order to achieve the best financial deal.

Whether you recieve a quote from our mortgage advisor, or choose instead to shop elsewhere, we still strongly urge you to conduct a thorough search of the mortgage market products for additional quotes – after all there’s no harm in shopping around. Equally it must be stressed that any mortgage advice that you rely on should be very recent information, given that mortgage market products are reviewed on a daily basis. That is to say, that any mortgage advice received more than a month ago, for example, should be reviewed. Indeed we always say that it is best to review all information before making a decision – and when it’s free to do so there’s no harm to be sure.

In fact, depending on the buyers circumstances, rather than just the mortgage advice service we recommend the total financial review service to gain a taylormade financial model for you to follow. Typically, advice can include the types of insurance to take out in case you or your partner pass away, are made redundant or become critically ill, then you can have the reassurance that there are plans in place so you can fulfil the financial requirements of your mortgage, or protect your loved ones.

Learn From Our Experience

One things we have been learning since 1989 is the value of tailored mortgage advice to our buyers. It keeps them out of trouble… and it keeps us out of trouble too. We are confident that this advice achieves the best financial results – it’s had 25 years of testing and we still trust it, so you can too. Indeed we follow this process through with our own properties. Don’t regret not coming to us for help; it’s free, what have you got to lose?

Have financial worries been a constant thorn in your side? – those that welcome the idea of shopping around for the best mortgage are those that can fully enjoy their time spent in their new home – with financial worries a distant memory.

So, when we find out that buyers are struggling to cope with the payments on their mortgage, it is incredibly frustrating to know that we not only offer FREE mortgage advice, but also a total financial review. This is why we offer you specific access to our independent mortgage advisor, whether for a no obligaton quotation, or just to gain financial experience.

The mortgage market is huge, our people specialise in it and you cannot expect to learn everything yourself. What’s more you don’t have to, just ask for help on 01795 473434. We would not settle for a mortgage which is second best, so neither should you. We’re always aiming for the best, and that includes the help we aim to to give you.

There Are Always Things You Can Learn – but it’s not often you get the chance to learn for FREE.

When It’ll Affect you For The Next 25 Years, You Can Never Know Too Much.