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Family Homes’ Letting fees are very competitive – And you get money back if you don’t pass

Most landlords and certainly many letting and estate agents now charge a letting a fee with a view to covering the cost of referencing and processing applications.  Preparing tenancy agreements and inventories.

At Family Homes we believe in being upfront with all concerned, so we have no hidden charges. We aim to ensure that people are aware of all the costs incurred in letting a family home before they start making an application to rent a property either short or long term.  We aim to keep the viewer and the landlord information at each stage of the letting process.

Some agents charge a letting or referencing fee per person, we believe that a letting fee of £360.00 per property for 2 applicants is cheaper for the viewer. Additional Tenants are charged at £99.00 per applicant.  The letting fee is only payable if a viewer wishes to make an application for a property.  This fee is payable, at the same time as making an application, and the funds should be transferred directly to Family Homes client bank account which is held with Barclays Bank or paid in at any Barclays Bank.  When an application is made we you will provide you with the bank account details where payment is to be made to.

In the case the tenant’s application fails the referencing process than, Family Homes may still be able to let a family home to you by requesting and agreeing to a guarantor in order to ensure that the tenancy application is successful.

If a guarantor is required, in order to ensure that the application is successful, than this becomes chargeable at a one of non-refundable fee of £99.00.  Before requesting this payment one of our friendly team members will discuss the whole application and the best way forward for yourself.

Once your fees have been paid and we have received your application form, work will start as quickly as possible in order provide you with a quick decision.  We aim to process all applications within 48 hours, ensuring a quick turnaround, giving certainty to both the tenant and the landlord.


We Already Comply With The New Rules Introduced by  “The UK Association of Letting Agents” (UKALA) Regarding Publishing FULL Details Of The Fees They Charge


If the application is successful, and the Landlord gives their agreement, we are in a position to agree and prepare all required legal paperwork ready for signing by all parties.  All of the fees are used in completing the letting process and once the agreement has been signed by the tenant the letting fee becomes non-refundable.

If the application is unsuccessful due to poor referencing results, we still believe it only fair to refund 50% of the letting fee, at the current time this is £180.00 and is transferred directly back to the applicants bank account within five working days. In these situations we aim to provide feedback where we are able to in to assist the viewer in finding alternative housing.

If the application is withdrawn by the Tenant, and we have already started the referencing process, the letting fee is not refundable.

Using the UK’s banking system, provides Family Homes with excellent records of all transactions, giving piece of mind to tenants and landlords alike.

Contract Renewal Fee

Before the end of a six month, a year or two year tenancy agreement, all tenants are given the opportunity to renew their tenancy agreement with Family Homes. If the tenant wishes to take up another period of contract, than a property inspection is undertaken in order to ensure that everything is in order, and that the tenant is keeping to the terms agreement signed in the first place.

At this stage, if all parties are in agreement with a contract renewal the tenant is required to pay a discounted fee of £99.00, which can be for a period of 6 months, a year or two years.  On many occasions, we are able to offer tenants longer agreements by obtaining approval from the landlord.  In these cases the renewal fee to be charged is discussed and agreed directly with the parties concerned.

Pet Fee

Many dog and cat owners would not dream of renting a property where their family dog or cat was not welcomed.  Many landlords upon the other hand are concerned at the possible damage that the pet may cause to their investment property.

Family Homes has many years of experience in rental business appreciates both sides of the coin, and welcomes families who have pets as loved ones, and in order to give landlords piece of mind, we undertake additional paperwork and extra property inspections to ensure that the terms of the tenancy agreement are being upheld, regardless of the fact that pets are allowed as part of the family.

This additional work results in an additional costs and therefore we have no alternative but to charge the tenant a non-refundable pet fee starting at £240.00, which covers up to two pets per property. The pet fee is in addition to the tenant application, as outlined above.

The non-refundable pet fee of £240.00 is payable at the start of the tenancy agreement.  There may be occasions, where a tenant who is already in tenancy wishes to acquire a pet as part of their family.  In such situation, is it is always recommend that you call our offices during office hours in order for us to seek approval from the landlord.  If the landlord is in agreement, again the same non-refund pet fee is chargeable in order to complete a pet agreement and undertake additional inspections of the property.

If Family Homes has not been made aware or a pet/pets being kept at the property during the tenancy, then it will leave with us no alternative but to consider this as a breach of the tenancy agreement, and the landlord is within his rights to seek legal possession of the property.  Any costs incurred as a result of this breach, are chargeable to the tenants and may be withheld from the tenant’s deposit.

Disability Discrimination Act.

It is vital to note that even “no pet” properties must accommodate tenants who have animals, such as guide dogs if they are prescribed by a tenant’s GP under the Disability Discrimination Act.

Other Fees

Within the agreements of many lettings and estate agents agreements it reads, that the tenant is required to pay a fee, to vacate the property at the end the tenancy agreement. Many tenants are not aware of these fees until they give notice to move out of the property.  This is new fee that some agents are writing into their tenancy agreements however Family Homes strongly believes that it is one that we will not be introducing within our agreements at any stage.

Please visit current property list, and if you would like any further information on our fees policy or any of our properties please feel free to contact Family Homes on

01795 47 34 34 or e-mail one of friendly team members – lettings@familyhomes.co.uk