Tenant Eviction Service

Family Homes Sittingbourne – Tenant Eviction Services

Don’t know what to do with your problem tenant?

First of all… don’t worry, we can help. Give us the instruction, and we’ll relieve your headache. In fact Family Homes have over 25 years’ experience at resolving problems just like yours; leaving you confident to approach us on the basis that we WILL achieve the result you want.

Upon instruction we’ll visit the tenant on your behalf, typically in order to negotiate payment of rent, the vacation of the property, or otherwise to solve any other problem you have with your tenant. Should we be unable to solve the problem amicably we will return to the property to issue a notice, in order to gain legal possession of the property. Further action will involve attending court on the landlord’s behalf, giving them the peace of mind that their property problems are in the safest possible hands and are being dealt with as if our own.

That’s not to say that we are intent on taking tenants to court and imposing undue grief. Equally we understand that it’s easier for the landlord too if we can avoid going to court. With this in mind, from the time we serve the notice to the tenant to when we go to court, we’ll use every opportunity available to negotiate a solution to the problem with the tenant.

Whether we serve a section 8 or section 21 notice, allowing 14 days or 2 months respectively to negotiate, in both instances we WILL work equally hard to produce the result that suits both parties.

Just Four Simple Steps

Step 1 – Serve the notice to the tenant

Step 2 – Prepare the paper for the court hearing

Step 3 – Attend court

Step 4 – Attend the eviction of the tenant, and change the locks.

Excluding VAT, Family Homes charge £400 to cover the fees and time involved in both the negotiations with the tenant and the paper work involved in serving the tenant their notice. Additionally, should we need to take further action toward the tenant and attend court, we’ll have to ask you to cover the cost of the judge’s fee, £280, and the bailiff’s fee, £120, excluding VAT – thus amounting to £500 including VAT.

That said, we must stress that the tenant is liable for these fees, such as to ensure the Landlord is not left out of pocket. Indeed, such costs for the tenant will include both the court fees and Family Homes fees’.